Modern systems for domestic hot water and energy savings

Distribution of heat Balkan Energy and the company Golden Art implemented a pilot project for installation of a combined system for providing domestic hot water in collective residential building in Skopje. The first such system was installed in a residential building built by the company “Golden Art” in the settlement Kisela Voda. It is a modern technological solution that completely meets the needs for domestic hot water for the tenants in the building, throughout the year, through a combined use of energy from three different sources: central heating, solar collectors and electrical network. The system is designed so that it uses solar energy as the main energy source, while for replenishment in the winter period, ie during the heating season – from October 15th to April 15th, it uses the thermal energy from the central heating system. In the summer, as well as outside the heating season or in a period when the energy from the central heating is not enough, the combined system uses electricity. This combined system is a revolutionary energy and environmental solution for the supply of domestic hot water in the city of Skopje, which enables maximum savings of electricity, and the investment for its implementation is extremely profitable. This type of energy efficient projects, through which energy is used from central heating system in order to meet the needs of consumers for domestic hot water, are widely used practice in many European countries, and now are a reality in our country.