Monitoring and control system

The largest part of the heat stations (around 80% of the consumption) are equipped with a modern regulation equipment which can be controlled and managed remotely, through a monitoring system designed by the renowned German maker Siemens. The automatic regulation of the delivery of energy assures both savings and continuity in the quality of the heating, regardless of the input parameters of the heat-transfer medium in the heat station.

In 2015 a project for more perfect SCADA system was implemented, which enables remote control and management of the distribution network as a whole, in order to meet the strict requirements to optimize the heat distribution process.

Also, on 50 strategically important network points heating controllers were installed, and a real-time communication and parameter readings during the heat distribution was established through GPRS. The big amount of data (pressures, flows, temperature etc.) provided detailed insight and a thorough analysis of the operation of the distribution system and heat substations. Additionally, in 2015, on seven strategic points on the network actuators were installed, that operated remotely, through SCADA system, provided fast and efficient heat transfer medium (water) loss detection and thus a better chance of providing security and stability of the system.



The new SCADA system, in future, can be expended, adapted and improved as necessary. Given the positive experience, Distribution of heat BALKAN ENERGY in 2016 will continue with the installation of the new SCADA controllers and also with the development of the software part of the system.