Technical data

The heat energy distribution is conveyed through the distribution system, which ranges from the feed point of the produced heat through the main lines, secondary lines, connected lines and heat stations to the measuring point, i.e. the delivery point to the end users.

  • Distribution system of pipelines – double pipe (supply and feedback pipeline, most frequently placed in underground concrete-constructed channels)
  • The length of the distribution network = app. 200 km (400 km of pipelines)
  • Temperature regime on the primary side = 110/65 °С
  • Nominal pressure = 16 bar
  • Distributed heat per annum = 500 GWh

The distribution network uses chemically prepared and e-aerated water, which is distributed to the customers through supply and return pipelines, usually placed in concrete channels, but also from pre-insulated pipes, placed directly into the ground. Also, in the heat distribution process additional 5 active pump stations are included.

During 2015, injectors with meters were installed on 111 bigger sections on the main lines and branches, through which the pressure in the distribution network was raised, which contributes to more quickly and efficiently locate of the defects and repair them, and thus grater security and stability of the distribution network.

The distribution network is owned by the Republic of North Macedonia, and the Company uses it with an agreement regulating mutual relations, singed on 31.12.2012 with compensation and the responsibility to maintain and expand the network.