The trend of reducing the heat losses continues

The heat energy is taken from the production capacities and it is delivered through the distribution system to the metering points of the consumers connected to the distribution network. The total thermal energy at the entrance of the distribution system is registered through the fiscal meters for thermal energy, placed at the exit points of the heat producers, ie at the entrance to the distribution network. The heat distribution losses are a consequence of heat losses from the pipelines to the environment (transmission losses) and leakage of the heat carrier.

As a result of our intensive activities to improve the stability and energy efficiency of the heat distribution system, the heat losses are reduced year by year:

Some of the activities taken to reduce tо heat losses are:

– Reconstructions of the dilapidated pipelines;

– Installation of pre insulated pipes;

– Fast and efficient localization and repair of network defects;

– Intensive overhaul activities;

The increase in heat losses in 2016 is due to the fact that in 2016 for the first time the total heat energy was registered through the heat meters set at the entrance to the distribution system. Prior to 2016, the heat energy at the entrance to the distribution system was determined by calculation, in accordance with the measured quantities of consumed primary fuel and the adopted efficiency coefficients of the thermal energy production plants.